Live A Dream Services

Business Consulting & Training Management

Services – Business Consulting & Training Management, two main services, provided by LaD Investment to allows our clients and partners to focus on their core business activities.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can of a service to your corporation. These DNA can be found in our services;



Operation Development

Seeking solution to persistent operational challenges faced in your business. Talk to us, the team has rich operational experiences to lead your operation to a sustainable solutions.

e-Book & Print-On-Demand Direct Publishing Management

Live A Dream manage the process from the start till your publication is published online, in short, writers can outsource the direct publishing tasks to Live A Dream  while they can focus on writing their books. Live A Dream is not the publisher of these publications.

e-Commerce & Website Development


Group / On-Site Training

Custom design curriculums that tailor to corporate needs and requirement.

Training / Workshop Management

Live A Dream, believe in trainers shall spend their valuable time in their core activities which is training and imparting skills and knowledge. LaD will handle non core training activities such as marketing, collection and payment,  booking of training ground and logistic. Be it the training in overseas or locally.


Live A Dream, on behalf of the trainers, can manage the non core training activities, such as marketing, collection and payment, accommodation, booking of classroom and logistic for overseas training. Live A Dream is familiar in managing trainings in cities in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Australia and United States. However, Live A Dream also confidence in managing trainings outside the usual cities they operating in.

Curriculums Development

Live A Dream, assists trainers engaging curriculum development specialists to develop or translate the training materials, video or other media.