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By using the Partner Dashboard, you have read and agreed to the Live A Dream Privacy and Terms.

Live A Dream expect partners to honor and ensure the terms and  privacy is adhere when handle customers.



Partner Dashboard  can support the four main categories of partners;

Course Provider

Individual or entity who provides the full services of the courses or workshops includes

  • Trainer
  • Curriculum
  • Venue


  • Individual or entity who conducts the classroom lead training.

Curriculum Developer

  • Individual or entity who provides the training materials to trainers or course providers.
  • Curriculum material that can be downloaded by other trainers for a fix cost or a cut of the training session.

Training Venue Provider

  • Individual or entity who provides the training venue such as classroom, dance floor, soccer field for trainers to book.

Partner Dashboard


Revenue Sharing Guideline

Live A Dream, respects and recognizes all the stakeholders in the lifelong learning education as partners.

Live A Dream also believe partnership build based on trust, thus as much as possible, Live A Dream, would like to be transparent including revenue sharing.



Partner Dashboard