Live A Dream Crowdfunding Campaign – Capital for Global Reach

Live A Dream is running a Crowdfunding Campaign,Capital for Global Reach, at Indiegogo, aim to empower people to share their knowledge and skills, believing that they and other can live a dream. Starting from the cradle of change, California, can drive a successful change that can spread the effect globally. The goal of this campaign is to raise fund to engage proper resources and drive such changes in California. The branding of such concept in California is easily accepted by the rest of the world enable this movement to be success, including China,

For the past two years, I observed people around me struggling to make ends meet after having lost their good paying jobs in this disruptive economy that Singapore is facing. These are workers with very valuable skills and knowledge in their respective fields and who have much to offer to the young generation of workers starting out in their career. These are knowledge/skills acquired through work experience that is not taught in any textbooks.

My desire to start LaD is to provide such workers with an opportunity to share their expert knowledge. This opportunity will create a meeting place for the teacher and students to learn from each other while they earn a living or build their career. It is my belief that lifelong learning will help workers develop skills for life long employability.

Thus I setup this platform, Live A Dream,

  1. Free to sign-up for users (both trainers and learners) which can be done within minutes.
  2. Simple to use in 4 easy steps.
  3. Almost fully automated end to end including integration of payment to paypal and major credit cards.
  4. Trainers are able to showcase their knowledge by blogging on topics they are an expert in.
  5. Learners are empowered as they are able to review and rate the courses and trainers who facilitated them.  Learners can also share how they  benefited from the course.
  6. Dynamic pricing based on supply and demand, and reviews of the courses.

With the above features, the platform expected to ;

  1. Connect adult education trainers to people.
  2. Provide another channel for course trainers when they are not working for other projects.
  3. Share their knowledge, skills and time in return for benefit.
  4. Provide value add courses to the consumers due to dynamic pricing.
  5. Promote grassroot movement as people, not establishment, determine the quality and certification  of trainers.

The idea is for the freelancer and trainers to focus their core activities which is training or imparting skills to their customers. While we will take care of all the logistic (like classroom if requested), payment, attaining local certification for the curriculum …etc, non core activities. The trainer might have a day job in which he or she unable to get certification on his / her curriculum from local authority, in which we can do that.

A recent HR report from Forbe,…, found that freelancer about 35% of US workforce and still rapid growing. I strongly believe this trend will spread to the rest of the world eventually. Thus how the freelancer get their continuing education at reasonable cost? I strong believe this model and platform will help freelancer to acquire advanced skills along the way.

I believe the world employment in advanced economic will be around 60 % by freelancers by 2020. The success of this project can make a big different in the chances that the freelancer having a regular income and provide a mean to live their life to fulfill their dream.

By contributing and involving in this project, you are not only changing the world, but also empower a world of freelancers and people more channels to achieve their dream through sharing their skills and knowledges.

I believe in market such as USA, if proper marketing is carried out, the whole platform will be a success within 6 months (that why my timeline of 6 months in USA). At the same time, I believe that Live A Dream (LaD) not only just to self-sustaining the business operation in America, but can further expands to EU or China.

I have confidence that Live A Dream can be in profit within 8 months  (6 months operation in America & 2 months to prepare before going USA) if goal is achieved.

Before the company success, I will provide perks in term of transferable coupons which you can sell online to freelancers or trainers who can used that  to void the service charges from the transactions they made. For example, you can sell the coupon (Free Pass) for 70 USD to a freelancer or trainer. The freelancer can list his/her course on the Live A Dream platform, in which he might get say 3 students to start a class at USD 200 each (total of USD 600) and the platform can waive off the 20% service charge (which is at USD 120) for the period indicated by the coupon.

If the entire goal can’t be hit and it is over USD 100, 000, I use the fund to work on in other ASEAN countries, Penang or Malacca, Malaysia as first stop, to generate fund. Once generate enough fund and continue the plan in California.  In this case, fund will be or perks will be offered as above within 6 months operation in California.

If the entire goal can’t hit and it is lower than USD 100, 000, the fund will be returned to the contributor less the fee paid.

Singapore is well known for top spot in education and continuing education to train her skilled workforce to stay relevant for the dynamic economy. That is the reason I start here, to build a foothold here not for Singapore constraint market (as compare to the rest of the world) . Here we can develop useful and relevant curriculum with various institutes in Singapore and impart or distribute the skills and knowledges to the rest of the world who need the knowledge to help themselves to improve their life to live a dream. We need an army of trainers who understand the curriculum, who can deliver their knowledges and skills to others. This project is to improve people life by providing a channel or platform for people to benefit from their knowledge and skills. This project improve people’s life by allowing people to learn skills and knowledges at price they can afford.

This campaign is same as any business and investment come with the risk. The stipulated success is based on known current affair around the world. Any unforeseen or uncontrollable events might significantly impact the success of this campaign. This business model is easily duplicate across the world, especially in China & India, once it is success. Firstly, this is what I want, to have people believe in this and provide platforms and channels around the world for more people to earn their own revenue.

Having say that, a business still need to excellence, and the key to be an undisputable leader among competitions as follows;

  • Strong user base – thus the fund required to grow the user base in California
  • Speed – the ability to expanse to the rest of the world will be key
  • Quality  – What user want, when user want and at acceptable price
  • Passion – It builds by freelancer for the freelancer, by the trainers for the trainers.

Other Ways You Can Help

I very much appreciate if you read this as it mean you care to spend your time to hear me out. I would like to say THANK YOU.

You can make a contribution at

It doesn’t matter whether you can contribute and you can still support this campaign in other ways by;

  1. Help to spread the words out to share the concepts,
  2.  Sign-up free as platform user,
  3. Any advice of other ways to get this ideas to kick-start in California.

Together, we can make this world a beautiful place.

Have A Nice Day 🙂